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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tips mengambil gambar bersama si chumil

Mengabadikan kechumilan kucing kita di dlm photo ada suatu perkara yg meng'high'kan. Lebey2 lagi kita dpt show off kepada org lain dalam laman sosial spt facebook. Sometimes taking picture of our cat  can be so tricky. Cat is an independent-minded animal so they unlikely to stay at static position for a long time. So you have to be very patient. The best is just let the cat act freely therefore the photo look much more natural.

To take the cat photo you have to get down to the same level of your cat position. Either you bend down or place her on the table or other furniture. Avoid direct eyes contact and do not make any sudden move terutama bila kucing uols jenis shy and timid. Elakkan direct handling berulang kali utk mendptkan position yg menarik coz kucing uols akn jd fed up and terus haper pon x jd. Juga elakkan mengunakan strong light on her face krn absolutely she will turn away. As cat come with variety of colour, uol kene make sure the background will not over shadow your cat. Cth kucing hitam sehitam-hitam McCat Jr. and twin, elakkan dr menggunakan latar blkg warna hitam krn mmg x nmpk aper. Warna putih pon jgn coz nnt too contrast. so the best ialah menggunakan background yg neutral.

Uol blh gak menjadikan cth2 pic kucing lain as rujukan or utk mencari idea spt pic2 di bawah.


meowwmania said...

mmg payah nak amik gmbr dorang ni, time paling senang time tido jelah kot and and...handpon mesti sentiasa di tangan hehe

NoRHaNa CorNER said...

kadang2 kene umpan bg diorg bg scene yg menarik br blh ambik..paling frust bila camera or hp xde ditgn...

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