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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are you allergic to cats?

Are you allergy to cats?

If yes, you might think the cat's fur causing the allergies but it isn't.  
It is the saliva! cats' saliva contain an element called Fel D1
During grooming, the Fel D1 deposited on skin and fur of the cat and this allergen 
bergabung dgn dander (kelemumur) 
Dander ini then spread wherever kucing tuh p and can also spread 
via airborne when petted, shakes or jumps.


What's the solution?

Well, usually ur doctor will advice u to find new home for ur cat...actually it isnt the right thing to do. Instead, what you can do are:

  1. Avoid or limit exposure to others allergens. For instant. dust allergy, cigarette smoke, cleaning solution or strong perfume. Wear protective gloves or mask during housework or gardening, do vacuuming instead of sweeping, clean your cat litter box regularly.
  2. Extra clean for bedroom. Do not use carpet, feather pillow and wall hangings or anything can easily trap dust. Use dustproof covers for pillow n mattress. Change your bedding regularly and wash with hot water to combat dust mites. 
  3. Keep your cats clean and groom. Bathing ur cat with water at least once a week to lower the dander. using shampoo is not necessary for dander control but you can use it for real bath. 
  4. Keep your cat indoor. Outdoor environment increase the likelihood of allergens being trapped on your cat fur for example pollens.

Look tricky isn't it? but you shud remember petting cat isnt a easy thing to do. It's required your time, energy and effort. But if u r truly cat lover anything is not possible rite?


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