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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bus riding cat stories

This noon I noticed one of wall posts by Dunia Kucing about a cat name Macavity who always takes a ride on bus couple of times per week in Walsall, England. Macavity rides the bus by its own and always jump off at the same stop. Since then, the cat known as Macavity the Mystery Cat. For full story of this cat you can read it here and guess what he's on the wikipedia too ahahaha (link). 

I also found another story of bus riding cat name Casper (link) however he died after hit by a motorcycle (link)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

McCat Jr. versi betina plus hado ank hahaha

Gwe terserempak ini kucing betina sama 2 ekoq anak dier. Muka dia sejibik McCat Jr. haha suppose ada ank dia kaler hitam muka ala2 McCat Twin tp x dpt amik pic dier sbb dia tatot org

McCat Jr.

Pasai apa gwe excited sgt nmpk kucing muka ala McCat Jr. neh...mslh betei~ 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you really need to declaw your cats?

Yes     If your cats kept exclusively indoor coz they unable to scratch their claws on harden object such 
                as logs or  tree  branch to remove their outer casting of the claw. Declawing also reduce problem
                of  scratching behaviour on your furniture.

No         If your cats have free access to outdoor where claws play an important roles during emergency
                situation for example climbing a tree when being chase by a dog or as defense weapon when
                being attack by an adversary.

If your cats love to scratch on your furniture why troubling yourself to declaw your cats? Instead, you can simply provide a scratch post where you can put near to their favorite resting place. Trust me it work!

I just brought a new bed couple month before where it's a Divan type where both McCat Jr. and McCat Twin love to do their scratching art on it. Then I brought them this scratch post and successfully eliminate their scratching problem.