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Monday, July 18, 2011

Tidbits of information - miscellaneous trivia of cat (ikut sedap gwe nk buh aper)

1. Yes, cat has euphoria effect towards catnip but not all because the sense of response based on genetic.

2. Cats are much fussier eater than dogs.

3. Cats attracted to food by its smell that is the smell of fat contain in the food which rat (cat's natural food) contained 40% of fat.

4. Once the smell of the food acceptable, the cat will taste its palatable. His sensitive palates prefers foods that have high levels of the nitrogen and sulphur.

5. The cat's urine glows under UV light.

6. The only big cat that can meow like cat is cheetah.

7.  Unpleasant taste will make cat salivate profusely in attempt to dispel the taste as quickly as possible and medicine may provoke this response.

8.  Cats make nearly 100 different types of vocalizations, compared to just 20 for dogs. 

9. Black bears are afraid of cats with unknown reason.

10. Chocolate is poison for both cats and parrots.

11. If your are a cat lover than you're known as ailurophile.

12. Domestic cat can run at speed 30 MPH/48.4 KM/H..well the fastest cat and the fastest animal is cheetah with speed up to 68MPH/110 KM/H.


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