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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does the full moon can effects cats behaviour?

Last weekend I was in Royal Bintang @ Seremban where I woke up at 6.30 am looking out the window where there's beautiful full moon watching back at me.
View of full moon from my room window at 9th floor

This give me an idea to make an entry of full moon effect on cats behaviour. 
Full moon may remind most people on werewolf, ghost and other scary things. And perhaps on romantic date.

Full moon is romantic don't you think?

Probably you have heard a word given to a person who going crazy during full moon. It's called Lunatic. It is said the moon other than effects the sea level it also can effects the water in human brain. If in that case, this fact may bear upon increase in criminal cases, hospital admission and traffic accidents during the full moon. However, some researcher have proven there were negative correlation between the full moon and those cases. But still, whatever bad things happened, people still pointing their finger on the full moon as the cause. Believing on the superstitious probably the best and easier way to answer for the unknown. 

Some owner reported their cats go crazy when before and then of full moon. The cat become superly active by damaging all things in the house, more aggression behaviour and involve in conflict with other cat or spent time by the window looking at the moon. In movie of catwoman featuring Halle Berry, shown the catwoman become more sexual arousal when it is full moon (probably a dirty trick to sale movie).

Really? cat love watching the beautiful full moon. Sound more werewolf..auwwwww

Increase in sexual arousal during full moon? errr....

There were a study conducted by Reagen Wells, from Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science, in Canine and feline emergency room visits and the lunar cycle: 11,940 cases (1992-2002)found there were positive correlation between full moon and emergency visit for cats at veterinary medical. But still the specific interpretation of the connection of two were unclear. More scrutiny observation needed as it probably the correlation has no relation at all. One theory that can be apply is when there's full moon, there's more light for the cat to be more active thus more high risk to be out getting into mischief. 

Well in my opinion, there's no lunatic effect either on cats or human. It just a superstitious made by man who admire on the ravishing of full moon. I have never encounter in problems where my cats going chaotic during full moon so far. Have you?

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shalawat atas Nabi Muhammad SAW.

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