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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Runaway McCat....Please come back to me

Pada tengahari, khamis, 6hb Januari 2011. I sent McCat to a Pet clinic at seksyen 3, bangi for neutering which is not to far from my house. A day before i brought a cage for McCat. McCat seems quite interested with the cage since he never see one.

 The curiosity McCat investigating his new cage

Since McCat x pernah d kurung di dalam cage, I try to introduce to him 1st so x da la dia terkejut ka hapa time letak dlm cage tu esok. McCat look so funny, dia sangka cage tuh ialah new toys dia

So, paginya before I hantar McCat ke clinic vet. I bathed him bcoz after surgery McCat x blh mandi for a week.

McCat hate being bath ahaha

So around half past eleven in the morning, I sent McCat to the vet. But later, around quarter past one, the vet doc calling me to inform that McCat had runaway from the clinic. He break his cage and able to passed through a sliding door and the main surgery door. the doc told me that probably McCat was hiding under a cage in the lobby and  wait until the front door was open when a customer came. They tried chasing on McCat, tp malangnya McCat ran and hiding under laluan masuk sebuah Kopitiam. 

At the time I reach there..McCat dah x kelihatan lg, I spent about one hour utk mencari McCat d sekitar kwsn kedai2 berhampiran. But still no sign of him.

Later at night around 10.30pm...I returned for searching McCat but balik dgn tgn kosong jua. Begitu juga pada pagi keesokkan harinya. Even mlm pon i cari lagi. 

Now, after few days mencari McCat....still x berhasil. I just pray he is fine. I slalu dengar kucing yg sesat dr rmhnya blh kemungkinan besar pulg sendiri ke rmh. Hope McCat jua begitu.

Skrg, setiap kali pulg ke rmh....I mesti rasa sgt2 sedey...terbayang-bayang McCat berlari from the corner of our flat when seeing I'm home. Or he will ran downstairs from our neighbor's house every time I ringing my keys.

I hardly to sleep at night thinking of him. Crying before sleep. But, I never regret sending him to the vet. Because it is the right thing to do. Bad thing happened sometimes. 

I'm thinking to adopt new cat...but haven't find any abandon kitten. and I keep on wondering whether McCat will return to me again. I am so depress where I cant stop eating. Now I hate being at home. Coz it really remind me to McCat. Where we sitting together eating or he laying on my lap top every time I surfing. And all sweet memory between us keep on playing in my mind.

Please...please McCat, come back to me 

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miZZ C-La said...

Whohoo~i nak nangis baca...hope mccat igt jalan pulang ke umah u..

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