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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poor Kitten..kaki tempang

Last and my fren, Amal went for dinner at D'one steak, in Bangi la of course hehe...just in front of Tasik Cempaka. So, while we were having our dinner. There a little tiny chumil kitten sitting under a chair next to our table. So, there's nothing  weirdooo on this cute kitten. But when I gave him some leftover French fries. i realized that this kitten unable to move his right hind leg. Owhh aaaa sgt2222 kecian melihat iyerrrr.....begitu tersentuh hati ku yg sdg luka ahaha sengal

Here I took some video of the kitten...but it not quit clear coz he was quite far from me and it is quit dark too

After that night, kapla otak I yg sengal ni x henti2 teringat sama that kitten. asyik pkiq2  whether to adopt him or not. After two days, I returned to the cafe and asking at one of the HANDSOME!! waiter about the kitten. The waiter told me they r keeping the kitten. So x dpt la nak adopt kitten tuh, anyway good for the kitten lorr...dijaga disitu. Baiknya org2 cafe tuh.....heee....and most of their waiter semua hensem...mcm guna concept citer korean coffee prince ahaha...peace  (=^_^=)Y

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